H&M Conscious Exclusive 2019

Digital Art director

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2019 took place in a community garden in New York.

In the campaign on hm.com I let the images take place and the colours went in earth tones. We added transparency info about the garments and highlighted three new materials. I designed the campaign in free html for mobile, tablet & desktop.

Mobile campaign

The campaign was designed as a long scroll, with sections to highlight the new materials. When clicking on a garment in the collection area info about composition, fabrics and supplier appeared.

Illustrations made by me.

New materials

The materials that were highlighted this year was:

– Pinatex, made from pineapple leaves.
– Bloom foam, made from algae.
– Orange Fiber, made from oranges.

I art directed these images to promote the new materials, used by social media and press.

Top made with Orange fiber
Jacket made with Pinatex.

Social media post



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