Digital Art director & Art director

For H&M Holiday 2018 I got two assignments; art direct “Holiday commercial layer” and be the digital art director for “Holiday Gift Guide”

The main campaign and campaign images was under the concept “Come together” and it took place at the Holiday Hotel, an old hotel in the alps with strong colours, dark wood and colourful patterns. 

Holiday Commercial layer

The assignment was to create tactical images for the Holiday campaign, to promote garment groups and offers. We wanted to be in the same world as the main campaign images and aimed for the feeling that you were at the Holiday hotel. We created around 40 still images and animations.

Photographer: Martin Wallin
Set designer & Stylist: Johan Svenson

Social media

The image to the right with the dog was one of 2018s top performed posts on H&Ms global instagram account.

Holiday Gift Guide

This year we wanted to focus on gift giving and we came up with the idea to create a giftguide as a complement to the regular campaign. We wanted to make Holiday shopping easy and make it fun to find holiday gifts to give (and get!). I created the concept and the design for the campaign in free html for mobile, tablet & desktop.


When the customer entered the campaign the question “what are you looking for?” appeared, then it faded into the swipeable sections.

The customer got the question “who is it for?” and got suggestions in the drop down menu; mom, women in my life or bff etc.

The menu was minimized when scrolling down and a back to top icon appeared.

The menu with the categories.


Swipe to see desktop view

Social media

Animation posted on the global instagram account.



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